Fans of MO

Exclusive Fans of MO Offer

PAPINEE is excited to offer Fans of MO a complimentary PAPINEE Storytelling Inspire Colouring kit which includes:

  • PAPINEE Strix the owl storybook
  • PAPINEE Passport
  • PAPINEE colouring postcards
  • A set of mini colouring pencils
PAPINEE Inspire Kit
Offer applies to any purchase above $60 and will be applied automatically at checkout or by using the code FANSOFMO2018


PAPINEE believes storytelling can change the world and everyone can be a storyteller. PAPINEE products provide adults with the tools to educate children about the world; from zoology, to cultural geography, to history, and international diversity. To inspire tomorrow’s global citizens about adventure & discovery. And to empower our future leaders to dream, create and work towards making their visions come true.


For every PAPINEE animal sold, we donate learning supplies to 5 children in need through UNICEF's global education programs. Each child receives exercise books and pencils that help them keep up with their studies when or where normal schooling is unavailable. 

UNICEF learning supplies

Photo credit: UNICEF

Our goal is to help 100,000 kids each year



PAPINEE has collaborated with some of the most iconic names around the world to create products and events that are truly one-of-a-kind and give back to local communities. If you would like to learn more about ways to work with us please send us an email to