What is the inspiration behind PAPINEE?
It all began many years ago with our founder’s mother whose ill health restricted her ability to travel and against all odds, wanted to give her son the world. She converted their living room into the Eiffel Tower, the Savannas of Kenya, New York’s Times Square and would take him to incredible lands with the most fantastical animals through imaginative storytelling and play.

What does PAPINEE mean?
PAPINEE is a word created by the company’s founder which she would say to orphans each week when she visited them to tell stories. To her, it meant ‘the world is yours’ and would whisper into each child’s ear “You are my PAPINEE.”

How does your give back program work?
Every animal we sell helps to donate learning supplies to 5 children in need through UNICEF's global education programs. Each donation includes exercise books and pencils that help children keep up with their studies when and where normal schooling is unavailable.

Have the dolls been safety tested?
Yes, our dolls have passed both US and EU safety standard tests.

What is the appropriate age for these dolls?
PAPINEE animals are suitable for dreamers of all ages.

Can I buy an animal as a gift?
PAPINEE animals make wonderful gifts for children of all ages. For US customers we offer the option of our premium gift box which makes each animal an even more beautiful surprise. To select this option please select the gift box option at checkout. We are working to make this feature available to more countries soon.

You don’t have an animal from my country, are you planning to make one?
PAPINEE is actively working to bring new animals and new stories to life. We can’t wait to introduce you to new friends and the countries they are from.

Are PAPINEE animals available in stores?
Currently PAPINEE animals are only available in a few select locations in Asia. If you would like a list of our retail partner locations please email us at contact@papinee.com.

What is PAPINEE World?
PAPINEE World brings to life the magic and beauty of the PAPINEE universe. We create amazing pop-up installations that transport visitors to London, New York, Tokyo, and other cities where our animals live. From iconic retail locations such as Harrod’s London to Shanghai’s most famous shopping center, Xintiandi, PAPINEE is continuously looking for incredible spaces to host our next PAPINEE World.

Are the dolls machine washable?
In order to preserve the quality and longevity of the animals we suggest spot cleaning with a cloth and warm water.

What if my child doesn’t like the doll?
If you or your child are not satisfied with your PAPINEE purchase we do accept returns within 30 days. Please see our returns policy for further details.

Where do you ship?
PAPINEE ships worldwide although some destinations may take longer for our products to arrive. For more information please visit our shipping page.

Where are PAPINEE products made?
PAPINEE products are carefully crafted at our facility in China under strict ethical manufacturing standards where we can ensure the well-being of everyone that works hard to bring our products to life.

Is PAPINEE a charity or non-profit?
PAPINEE is a for-profit business, for a better tomorrow. We are not a non-profit but we strongly believe in giving back and eager to support initiatives aligned with our values.