PAPINEE World brings the magic of PAPINEE to life

PAPINEE's mission to spread the joy of storytelling around the world has resulted in unforgettable pop-up installations that transport visitors around the world with our magical PAPINEE animals.

We collaborate with global brands, commercial venues, and hospitality partners to develop experiences that transport visitors to New York, London, Tokyo, and the homes of our other PAPINEE animals.


Children are given passports and activity books to learn about history, zoology, and geography while they 'travel' to each animal's home. We also recruit sponsors to fund day trips for orphanages and children's homes so that these young minds can also experience the inspiration of what the world has to offer. 


From taking over London's historic Harrods department store to Shanghai's landmark Xintiandi shopping district, PAPINEE continues to look for innovative ways to introduce our values to the world. By working closely with our partners to understand how they can benefit through our collaboration and seeking ways to give back to local communities, we pursue a model of 'win-win-win' that benefits all.

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